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Model BS EN 1825 - Tested Grease Separators


Lamina Filtertraps are highly efficient grease separators, tested to BS EN 1825, particularly suitable for sensitive locations i.e. when a sewage treatment plant or septic tank is used. There are two different ranges to choose from depending on the installation position required.


Lamina Filtertraps

The very high quality of grease and oil separation from these units (better than 25 parts oil per million parts water) has ensured their recurring popularity with Country Hotels and Roadside Restaurants. These establishments tend to have their own sewage treatment systems which must be prevented from greasing up otherwise they will issue raw un-treated sewage.

Apart from ensuring that the separation levels are un-surpassed, considerable thought has been given to the maintenance aspects of the Lamina Filtertrap. With all but the very smallest size, a mechanical lifting hoist is supplied. This allows the large capacity grease collection trays to be lifted and suspended above ground level where the valve on the side of the tray can be opened to allow the oil/grease to drain into a suitable waste container.

If a Garbage Grinder is to be installed in the kitchen, we recommend that the waste from it be run to enter the drains down stream of the Filtertrap. Alternatively, one size larger Filtertrap may be specified.

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