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Biospherical Instruments offers a variety of small, single-channel radiometers for use in the laboratory; deployment with profilers, CTDs, gliders, floats, and meteorological stations; use in aquaculture and biofuel plants; and for many other marine or terrestrial applications. The instruments are available in a large number of configurations with respect to spectral response, directional response, depth rating, signal output, packaging, cabling, and accessories.

Our Q-Series instruments measure Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR). Monochromatic instruments (M-Series) measure radiation in a narrow wavelength band, which can be selected from over 25 wavelengths in the UV and visible. Measurement geometries include cosine irradiance,scalar irradiance, and radiance. Depending on the model, measurements are outputted as either a digital data stream, or as 'linear analog' or 'logarithmic analog' signals.

A variety of our sensors have been interfaced with Sea-Bird CTD and data logging systems including the QSP, QCP, QSR, and QCR. Please consult Sea-Bird for the proper sensor selection.

Featured Sensor

BSI has recently introduced a new class of single-channel sensors for laboratory applications, called theAdvanced Multi-purpOse Usb Radiometer (AMOUR). In contrast to Q- and M-Series sensors discussed on this page, the AMOUR sensor is based on microradiometer technology, and features a dynamic range of more than 10 orders of magnitude and a high-speed USB interface. The instrument is very versatile as the user can select different front-optics (e.g., scalar irradiance, cosine irradiance, radiance, and SMA fiber interface).

Selection Guide for Single-Channel SensorsOverview

Q- and M-Series single-channel sensors are available in a large number of configurations. The following matrix provides an overview of the most commonly available combinations of features, and the associated model numbers. Models are identified by a three‐letter code followed by a four‐digit number. The different options are explained in detail below the matrix.

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