Particle Measuring Systems

Bubble Separator Device for Ultrapure Water and Chemical Systems



The Bubble Separator from Particle Measuring Systems is a welded PFA device that allows entrained bubbles in an ultrapure water (UPW) or process chemical sample to separate from the sample stream through buoyancy, prior to the sample entering the liquid particle counter. The UPW or chemical sample 1) enters the middle of the bubble separator and 2) separates at the tee, with 3) the liquid sample exiting to the bottom port to the liquid particle counter and 4) the top stream containing the liquid plus separated gas (see figure below). This flow is regulated with a 1/4-inch PFA needle valve (not included), and is routed to an atmospheric drain or storage tank.

  • Construction: Welded Teflon PFA pipe material, with 1/4-inch PFAFlaretekfittings
  • Dimensions (h x w x d): 9.7x3.3x1 in
  • External Connections: All connection lines and fittings are 1/4-inch PFA tubing and Flaretek fittings
  • Installation: The body of the bubble separator should be secured to a bracket, with a soft brace or tie-wrap.
  • Chemical Service: For operation with process chemicals, the bubble separator must be placed in a double-contained leak-detecting safety box.
  • Maximum Sample Temperature: 80 °C
  • Maximum Sample Pressure: 75 psi

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