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- UniversalExtractor E-800


The UniversalExtractor E-800 is specifically designed for challenging extraction tasks. Six distinct extraction positions allow for individual process control and operation of different extraction methods in parallel. Powerful heaters combined with advanced process control enable quickest and most reproducible extraction process.

  • Optimal analyte recoveries facilitated by patented analyte protection system that guarantees only a minimal level of solvent is found in beaker

  • Highest protection of heat sensitive analytes with minimal deterioration and degradation

  • Reduced sample contamination as all components in contact with sample are made of inert material

  • Extra protection of analyte against oxidation thanks to inert gas supply that is automatically turned on if the analyte protection sensor is triggered
  • Fast and uniformly distributed heating even for high boiling solvents including water and toluene

  • Suitable for lowly contaminated samples as Large Sample Volume (LSV) glass assembly can expand the sample volume by 60%
    Efficient vapor capture for safe system operation outside of fume hood and highest solvent recovery (>90%) due to large condenser

  • Convenient monitoring of entire workflow as extraction process is visible
    Easy maintenance with all glass assemblies easily accessible for disassembly and cleaning

  • Multitasking capabilities with individual process control thanks to as six distinct extraction positions and simultaneous operation of various extraction methods


For a wide range of applications in the scientific research as well as for academic education


Polymers: additives (plasticizers, stabilizers, etc.) / Contamination / Branching fraction Textiles: dyes / Residues: perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), phthalates, chlorinated paraffins, formaldehyde / Contaminants: pesticides, PCBs, PAHs


Nutraceuticals / Herbal and dietary supplements / Plant toxins / Monitoring of active reagents


Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) / Total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPHs) / Pharmaceuticals, personal care products (PPCPs) / Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) / Explosives


Crude fat, total fat.

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