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- Model BLC-10 - Educational Fixed Wavelength Isocratic HPLC Package



The BLC-10 can operate to system pressures of 3000 PSI. It comes equipped with the standard 'PAEK™' valve. There is no pressure read out on these units. System pressure is obtained using the Buck-Chrom software. Our fixed wavelength systems are available in either 'SS' or 'PEEK'' configurations for the same price.

The BLC-10 comes standard with either a PEEK or SS analytical flowcell dependent the users option. A preparative flowcell, semi-preparative flowcells and a microbore flowcell are also available.

The pumping system on all the instruments is a high quality single piston pump with a built in pulse damper. A two-stage injection valve with a 20µl loop is standard.

Pump flow rates are from 0.01ml/min to 10ml/min. The BLC-10 HPLC has a very sensitive, and stable filter photometer for routine assays at the most common wavelengths. The BLC-10 comes equipped with a 254nm fixed wavelength filter photometer. 280, 365, 420, 505, or 540nm filters are also available. The BLC-10 comes complete with a column, fittings, a pump and injector hardware for instant setup and analyses. We also include fun classroom expriments with the BLC-10. The BLC-10 can be changed to a different wavelength with the purchase of a filter & source kit.

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