Buckeye Drill Company

- Model 22W Series - Three Drilling Machines


Major repairs done by Buckeye Drill Company: Complete with: Continental 6cyl gasoline engine. Catwalks, I-beams. Rear hydraulic jacks. Hydraulic derrick hoist. Fresh paint.

The following repairs have been made to this machine:


  • 3 new I-beams installed under frame
  • New pipe in spooling/yoke guide
  • Repairs made to frame as needed


  • 6 new bushings and pins installed on hoist sheaves
  • New hoist rope installed
  • Braces straightened
  • New trap door installed


  • 3 new bearings installed
  • New drive plates installed
  • Brass collars installed
  • New bull reel slider gear installed
  • New bushing in pinion installed
  • New spudding pinion and bushing installed
  • New clutch adjustment pin and springs installed
  • New sand reel filler installed
  • New clutch keys/gib keys installed
  • Spooling device repaired

Spudding Beam:

  • New upper and lower pitman arm bushings installed
  • New heel sheave bushings installed
  • Beam primed and painted (bronze)


  • New bull reel drum
  • New casing reel lining installed
  • New bull reel brake lining installed
  • New sand reel brake lining installed
  • All new or repaired clutch shifter/levers installed
  • New reach rods, yoke ends and pins installed
  • New hydraulic slack shoe, slave cylinder, master cylinder, lines, fittings installed
  • New derrick hoist interim shaft installed
  • New oil and filter installed on deck engine
  • New starter switch installed on deck engine
  • New drive plates and brass collar installed in PTO
  • New hydraulic oil, filter, gauge installed in hydraulic system

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