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You routinely purify your samples on an open glass column and have to cope with a limited resolution and a long separation time. As a first step towards automation, we offer two small systems: the “Easy Synthesis” and the “Easy Extract” systems allow you to control the flow rate and the eluent composition.

Improved separation

  • Optimized separation efficiency using gradient elution
  • Controlled separation with precise monitoring of eluent composition
  • Increased purity of the collected fractions

Time and money saving

  • Reduced elution time with controlled flow rate and solvent composition
  • Smaller fraction volume for a faster evaporation
  • Decreased purification cost due to lower solvent consumption
  • Cost effective initial investment with upgrade possibilities

Easy and safe

  • Intuitive control of pumping parameters
  • Minimized solvent exposure

Functional principle of the Sepacore® Easy Purification Systems
The use of two pump modules enables the formation of a binary gradient. The solvents enter the pump heads via the aspiration tubing (input) (solvent A and B). The FEP tubing guides the solvent to the mixing chamber with integrated pressure sensor and from there via the injection system on to the column via the pressure tubing (output). The Pump Manager C-615 regulates the flow rate of the pump modules 1 and 2 and monitors the current pressure. The maximum pressure for Pump Module C-601 is 10 bar (145 psi) and for Pump Module C-605 50 bar (725 psi). In addition, a variety of programs and settings enables the selection of flow rate, pressure, time and gradient of the solvents.

Sepacore® Flash cartridges

Prepacked flash cartridges filled with silica or functionalized silica (C18, Diol, Amine, Cyano, cation exchange), from 4 g up to 330 g (1600 g for silica and C18).

Glass columns

Empty glass columns designed for sample amounts from 1 g up to more than 300 g and pressures up to 50 bar (725 psi) depending on column size.

Cartridger® C-670

Quick, efficient and easy packing of plastic or glass cartridges with the packing of your choice.

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