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Bursting Caps and Plates


Bursting caps and plates (rupture caps and plates) are single-component bursting discs made of nickel, nickel-based materials (for example Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy)* or stainless steel, which are primarily distinguished by their high density. They are used by the millions in CO2 cylinders for pressure protection. The latter are in turn employed, for example, in fire extinguishers.

In this context, our bursting caps and plates (rupture caps and plates) perform three important functions.

  1. They prevent the inadvertent escape of gases, whereupon the fire extinguisher would no longer be functional
  2. When needed, they burst safely and without delay; the fire extinguisher is immediately ready for use
  3. They prevent a possible explosion of the bottle if the overpressure is excessive, which can happen, for example, at high temperatures in a fire.

Berstscheiben Schlesinger offers bursting caps and plates (rupture caps and plates) in both small and mass production quantities and in the following standard sizes: 7 millimeter, 8.5 millimeter, 10 millimeter and 14.5 millimeter. They withstand pressures between 120 and 700 bar and temperatures between minus 80 and plus 450 degrees Celsius. Regardless of what medium you want – gas, vapor or liquid – we individually tailor the product specifications to your use.

The safe and perfect handling of our products is our highest goal; therefore, we label each bursting cap (rupture cap) and each bursting plate (rupture plate) with the triggering pressure and the year of production, and if necessary also the batch number. In so doing, we prevent one product from being confused with another.

Another benefit is easy installation. In particular with the bursting caps (rupture caps), inadvertent installation of multiple parts on top of each other is excluded; the bursting cap (rupture cap) reliably ruptures at the required bursting pressure. We can economically produce the bursting plates (rupture plates) – especially in the case of large quantities – with the same high quality.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • individual product specification with regard to material, pressure and dimensions
  • high leaktightness
  • economical production in large quantities
  • easy installation

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