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Bursting Heads



Our articulating bursting heads, with a magnetically activated quick locking cable system, are years ahead of the competition. No tools are required to release the cable or pipe from the bursting head.

Utilizing our articulated pipe bursting head design, our heads provide you with the ability to navigate up to three 45 degree bends in a single pull without the oval damage to the PE product pipe. This design allows the ability to enter the old host pipe neutrally, reducing the wrestling match with the pipe that often comes in tight quarters as well as distortion to the entry hole. It also eliminates the need to have to dig under and push down the newly installed PE pipe before you can make the connection to the existing pipe at the entry pit.

The SR series bursting heads feature a replaceable blade for bursting PVC, cast iron, clay, orange burg, transite, or ABS.

The magnetic assisted cable locking device in our bursting heads locks to pure cable, not requiring swaged ends, and allowing us to use welded ends on the cable to prevent unraveling. The locking device can easily be released allowing the cable to be removed from the head by rotating the spur gear counter clockwise.

All of our bursting heads are made from high grade tool steel, heat treated to very high Rockwell hardness to reduce abrasion, wear, and pulling pressures. The product pipe locking device is attached and removed from the bursting head with a clevis pin. Once removed from the head, it can be attached and locked to the new product pipe by turning the eyelet, with no need of cutting the pipe.

Available Sizes    

  • 2 inch Pipe    
  • 5 inch Pipe
  • 3 inch Pipe    
  • 6 inch Pipe
  • 4 inch Pipe    
  • 8 inch Pipe

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