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Resilient Scaled. 1(10% bi-directional light shui-off. Installation wilhom restriction in direction of flow. Reduced weight and overall dimensions. Low pressure loss and reduced energy costs. High Kv /Cv values. Easy to clean and disinfect for poiablc water systems etc. Self cleaning i no residue will be trapped ). (iixxl resistance to corrosion. Mich reliability.

  • Easy to handle, to install, and to dismantle.
  • Less space in Storage and installation.
  • Fluid does not contact the body ( no corrosion ).
  • No flange gaskets required.
  • Insulation Of noise and heal transfer.
  • Easy replaceable scat without any special tools.'
  • Wide range of materials for various conditions,
  • Easy automation.
  • Retrofitting of actuator is possible.
  • Actuator position can be changed on site.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Economical actuator selection.
  • Low shaft friction ( operating torque ) and wear.
  • No lubrication required.
  • Anti-blowout system

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