BWB+ISI pH/ORP Legacy Technologies

- R3.256 pHLAT Electrodes

R3.256 pHLAT models include pH, pH with Pt100, ORP Platinum and ORP Gold electrodes. Featuring the Patented PTFE industry standard Reference cell system. This New Series (2020) is engineered to maximize both measuring surface area and uses novel “Never Dry Electrolyte”. Both solve problems experienced with all other manufactures flat surface 12mm electrodes. Double junction reference system is standard. All models are fitted with the IP68 rated ESA or GSA plug head with conventional PG13.5 connection and match perfectly with our Model OPA640 PVDF EZFit Housing for installation into process lines and tanks. *pH range 1-13pH, Storage and operating temperature -20 to + 220°C. .5 vacuum to +300 PSI at 20C. R3.256 pH combination double junction never dry reference with IP68 ESA PG13.5 connector. Order separate interconnecting cable and BNC connector.

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