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- Model BIO 943 - Flame Photometer



Purpose Built Flame Photometer with specialized software, firmware and hardware. The BWB BIO 943 is an offshoot of the popular BWB BIO. A simplified menu structure and enhanced Li detection make it a welcome addition to the BWB family. The ability to calibrate and measure Sodium, Potassium, and Lithium at the same time with the same dilution (from 1:6 to 1:100) streamlines throughput in many laboratories. We have retained the ability to enter and store two user-defined calibration curves should the user wish to readily measure differing sample types.

When connected to a PC with the BWB FP-PC app, the user can create .pdf files, .csv files, data presentations and reports that include all the key analysis data. The FP-PC Software also allows setup of the Automatic Fluid Handling System, AFHS, originally designed to work specifically with the BIO-943 unit.

The software enables you to view and edit the calibration curves. The intuitive user-friendly operation of the BWB BIO 943 spans all languages and appeals to all levels of users. The BWB BIO 943 is the must-have instrument in today’s research laboratory.

For sites that do not allow PCs or data acquisition in the test lab, the Printer provides the “hard copy” required for QA and QC purposes. The environmentally friendly print ink used by the printer has a minimum character capture life of 10 years. The printer is also compatible with other readily available paper stock.

To enhance accuracy and reproducibility there is an option to use either Caesium or Lithium as an Internal Reference System (IRS) that acts as an internal standard to adjust small changes during calibration and measuring.

  • Specially configured for a range of user interests
  • “IRS” (internal reference standard) caesium or lithium option
  • Single point calibration correction
  • Internal reference standards
  • 5 and 6 point multi-ion calibration standards for two separate calibration curves
  • Analysing li, na and k
  • Operator independent determination of results
  • Advanced automated determination of results
  • Integrated printer with environmentally friendly ink
  • IQ, OQ, PQ web-based certification standard on bio 943and available on all BWB FES units

Sample rate
Tubing materials
Silicone and Tygon® 
Na/K/Li = less than 0.5% to each other when equal in concentration at less than 100ppm
Required desk space for Instrument 
50cm (H) x 45cm (W) x 45cm (D)
For Safety reasons the Flame photometer requires 1m of unobstructed space above to allow dissipation of heat from the chimney.
Instrument size
BIO 943 Flame Photometer
51cm (H) x 38cm (W) x 41cm (D)
(20in x 14in x 16in)
62cm (H) x 55cm (W) x 47cm (D)
(24in x 22in x 19in)
BIO 943 Flame Photometer 15.3kg
Shipping – BIO AV Flame Photometer 25kg
Optimal range
Multi-point calibration
Na – 0.0043 – 300mmol/l*
K – 0.0013 – 200mmol/*
Li – 0.0072 – 20mmol/l*
*With required Dilution Ratios
less than 1% Coefficient of variability for 20 consecutive samples over ten minutes at concentrations of 100ppm equivalent or less. (After instrument stabilisation).
Limit of detection (LOD) and limit of quantification (LOQ)
LOD                               LOQ       
Na – 0.0013mmol/l     Na – 0.0043mmol/l
K – 0.0005mmol/l       K – 0.0013mmol/l
Li – 0.003mmol/l         Li – 0.0072mmol/l

Time to stability
Less than 15 seconds after sample is introduced into the flame
Ions measured
Na, K, and Li

Calibration solutions provided

Point 1                Point 2               Point 3
Na 25mmol/l     Na 50mmol/l     Na 100mmol/l
K   25mmol/l      K   50mmol/l     K   100mmol/l
Li   2.5mmol/l    Li   5mmol/l       Li   10mmol/l
Ca 2.5mmol/l     Ca 5mmol/l       Ca 10mmol/l

Point 4                 Point 5   
Na 200mmol/l    Na 300mmol/l   
K   150mmol/l    K   200mmol/l   
Li   15mmol/l     Li   20mmol/l   
Ca 15mmol/l      Ca 20mmol/l   


Point 1                Point 2                Point 3
Na 120mmol/l   Na 130mmol/l   Na 140mmol/l
K   3mmol/l        K   4mmol/l        K   5mmol/l
Li   0.5mmol/l    Li   0.5mmol/l    Li   1mmol/l
Ca 1.5mmol/l     Ca 2mmol/l        Ca 2.5mmol/l

Point 4                Point 5   
Na 150mmol/l   Na 160mmol/l   
K   6mmol/l        K   7mmol/l   
Li   1.5mmol/l    Li   2mmol/l   
Ca  3mmol/l       Ca 3.5mmol/l

Recommended minimum warm up time based on ambient temperature
21°C – 40 minutes  

Power requirements
100V – 250V AC at 50 or 60Hz
Fuel requirement
Propane, Butane or Natural Gas*
regulated to 19Bar. Flow rate of 0.4l/min
*with modifications. BWB Technologies recommends either Propane or Butane for optimum results.

LCD, four line, alpha numeric, back lit.

  • USB PC Lead
  • Selection of 3 Power cables to suit all regions
  • Gas Hose
  • Propane Adapter
  • Aspiration Kit
  • Manuals covering all aspects of the BIO 943 FP 
  • Quick Start guides 
  • Warranty Registration Form 
  • Certificates of analysis for all
  • provided Fluids 
  • Material Safety Data Sheets for
  • all provided Fluids 
  • The FP-PC Software installation USB 
  • 1L of BWB recommended
  • cleaning solution 
  • Complete set of calibration fluids including Diluent Concentrate 
  • 100ml conical flask with screw lid
  • 100 disposable sample cups 
  • 1L of De-Ionised water
  • 2m of waste tube
  • Set of spare fuses
  • 10 x 10ml pipettes 
  • 10 x 1ml pipettes

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