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- Consumer Briquetting Plant 2800 - 5600 kg/hour



Briquetting Plant for production of 2800 - 5600 kg/hour of Consumer Briquettes from Softwood or Hardwood waste. We recommend 3-4 lines with BP 5510 HD (each max 1100 kg/hour) or BP 6510 HD (each max 1400 kg/hour) briquetting presses with two 8-12 m3 dosing silos or in combination with a larger silo including automatic discharge system.


Requirements for raw material

  • Particle size has to be less than 15x5x2 mm, otherwise a grinding process has to be introduced. A hammer mill with 10-15 mm screen size will normally give the requested particle size.
  • Moisture content of the raw material should preferably be in the range 10–12% otherwise a drying process or moisture increasing system has to be introduced.
  • Raw material must be suitable for briquetting and tested if any doubt.

Testing of raw material
We are ready to perform a test briquetting based on you supplying us actual dry raw material, with correct particle size and moisture content. The test will show the expected quality of the final product and let us determine, whether any additives need to be added.

Storage facility for dry raw material
Normally we can combine our solution with your existing or planned storage solution, whether this is a large silo, a bunker or similar.

Briquetting control system
A frequency controlled dosing screw feeds an exact amount of the raw material into the press in a steady flow. Level switches in the silo send signals to the conveyor when refilling of the silo is required. All vital functions of the press are controlled by the advanced and operator-friendly BBCS or ABCS Control System including a Siemens PLC. This system is capable of keeping the set capacity within +/- 50 kg/hour even with fluctuating density of the raw material.

Preferred type and dimensions of briquettes
Most customers with a BP 6510 HD press are producing Ø90 mm briquettes with or without an Ø20 mm centric hole. These briquettes are normally stacked and wrapped in 10 kg packages with five 300 mm long briquettes in each. A popular alternative to Ø90 mm is the square shaped 75x75 mm briquettes that will take six 300 mm long briquettes for a 10 kg package.

The BP 5510 HD is normally producing standard Ø75 mm or square 65x65 mm briquettes, that followingly are shortened in suitable lengths for packaging in cardboard boxes or foil wrapped with 7 or 8 briquettes in each 10 kg package.

Transportation, cooling and shortening of the briquettes
The briquettes are produced in a continuous string and conveyed to the BS 350 automatic saw or a Briquette breaker via the min. 30 m long, straight cooling line. The long cooling line is very important to allow the briquette string to cool down and harden before being handled in the shortening and packaging line. Outdoor cooling lines have to be covered. We are offering an optional in-line weighing solution with automatic briquette length adjustment to optimize the the package weight without wasting a lot of raw material.

Packaging solution
From the saw the briquettes are conveyed to the shrink packaging line. Broken and too short briquettes are automatically ejected from the line. A label is normally inserted just before the package enters the shrink wrapper.

We generally see 2 different options.

  • Manual sorting, semiautomatic packaging and foil wrapping followed by manual palletizing of the briquettes
  • Automatic sorting and packaging.
  • Requires high quality briquettes and a sorting system inserted after the saw or breaker.

After palletizing, each pallet has to be foil wrapped for safe transport and storage.

Utilization of consumer briquettes
Consumer briquettes are CO2 neutral and suitable for woodstoves and open fireplaces.

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