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The C.I.Agent® VIPOR System Dewatering Equipment is an automatic dewatering sump pump that provides oil containment and dewatering filtration. It uses proven C.I.Agent containment technology to provide a safe and ensured compliant discharge from an application where an automatic sump pump is desired. The VIPOR System uses the same filtering concepts as the C.I.Agent Oil Filtration Panel and Hydrocarbon Flow Filter, which protects over 7,000 sub stations, transformers or other oil filled equipment.

The C.I.Agent® VIPOR System is an automatic dewatering sump pump that can be run with the confidence that sediment and oil will not be discharged. The VIPOR System’s main core provides complete shutoff in the event of a significant oil containment event. This is made possible by the use of C.I.Agent Solidifying Polymers that capture, contain and solidify harmful hydrocarbons. A dewatering pre-filter covers the core for added protection against sediment, debris and nuisance hydrocarbons keeping the main filter in good flowing condition. The sump pump used in the VIPOR System is a 1HP.

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