C-module - Carbon Dosing


The dosing of nutritive substance for operation intervals of 1 to 6 months.Completely plug-in High rraiEiiiina.The C-module doses nutritive substances into the SBR-reactor.

Why dosing of nutritive substances?
The dosing of nutritive substances offers an optimal possibility to bridge long-lasting operation intervals (e.g. holiday, seasonal pauses etc.). For this an example: camping sites mostly are closed for 4 to 6 months in the period of constructions in the winter. For the biology in the sewage treatment plant this means that during the whole period no nutritive substances are available through the sewage inlet. With a standard sewage treatment plant the biology just would die off. It is in this point that the carbon dosing is employed. As soon as the sewage inlet runs dry, nutritive substances are dosed into the biology with the carbon.Like this, the activated sludge is kept alive during winter months. Such a sewage treatment plant, which is equipped like this, continues its operation in spring without any problems. We offer the dosing of carbon in the minimum size for holiday houses (4 pe.) and the maximum size for camping sites (50 pe.).

How does the C-module work?
The dosing of an external carbon source is effected through a variable dosing pump in connection with a time relay. The whole technique which is required for this, can be situated in an outdoor pillar. The dosing of carbon is only effected during the so-called economical operation. If the sewage treatment plant is 10 days uninterruptedly in economical operation, the dosing begins: with every charging a certain quantity of carbon is contemporaneously pumped into the SBR-reactor. The quantity and duration of the flow depends on the respective size of the sewage treatment plant and is preset in the factory.

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