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SMF cabin air filters reliably supply the driver and passengers with clean air. They reduce dust on the dashboard and in the cabin, and avoid dangerous fogging of the windows. They also reduce the load on the blower and protect the HVAC system from contamination. Irreparable damage can occur to the air conditioning or heating system. The replacement intervals recommended by vehicle manufacturers should therefore always be followed. Rule of thumb: every 15,000 to 20,000 km. A regular sales driver for every repair shop.

SMF air filters: clean air, high performance

The fan blows up to 100,000 litres of air into the cabin in one hour of driving. Without cabin air filters, all kinds of pollutants, smog, ozone, exhaust gases, unpleasant odours, fine particulates, or pollen can enter the passenger cabin. The concentration of pollutants can be up to six times greater than at the edge of the road due to the differential pressure in the driving vehicle. Everyone knows what this means for the health, well-being, and concentration of the driver—which is why responsible manufacturers equip their passenger cars and commercial vehicles with cabin air filters. If the filter is not replaced on time, moisture builds up in the captured dirt. The filter becomes a feeding ground for bacteria and mould, which spread into the lines of the HVAC system, where they give off unpleasant odours and unhealthy emissions.

Materials: for the safety of people, engines, and the environment—only the best

SMF Original and Knecht LAP prefilters are made either of polyester foam or polyester non-woven. The LAP is typically located upstream of the particle or combination filters and captures coarse dirt. This extends the service life of our cabin air filters without (LA) and with activated carbon (LAK).

The polyester foam is resistant to ozone, hydrolysis, ageing, and temperatures up to 90°C, and is plasticiser- and CFC-free. The material is recyclable and can be easily incinerated. Our polyester foams have uniform pores that are created in a special process. We typically use foam materials of the class PPI 30 (pores per inch), as extensive lab testing has demonstrated that this pore size is the best compromise between service life and coarse particle separation.

Our non-woven mats made of polyester are non-flammable and resistant to hydrolysis, ageing, and temperatures up to 100°C. The material is free of silicone, plasticisers, and CFC, recyclable, and suitable for incineration.

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