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The Cadence Fuel Injector represents a significant energy savings and emissions reduction advantage for cement kiln operators who wish to use solid energy-bearing waste as an alternative fuel. This proven technology is in use on kilns around the world and can accommodate a wide variety of fuel types and configurations.


Whole scrap tires or other solid energy-bearing waste can be effectively and efficiently used with the Cadence Fuel Injector. Cadence offers a complete alternative fuels solution to kiln operators around the world with the industry's most advanced waste to energy technology.

Because of its design versatility, the Cadence Fuel Injector can accommodate many different alternative fuels and fuel configurations from whole scrap tires (above) to hazardous waste containers (left). The Cadence Fuel Injector is made from special metal alloys and can be easily fitted to your kiln. Its cost-effective and built to last!

The Cadence Fuel Injector will pay for itself over and over again and provide operational, and process benefits to your kiln.
The Fuel Injector is fitted to the calcining zone of a cement kiln. Waste-derived fuels, such as whole scrap tires (or numerous other excellent waste fuels) are placed on the Fuel Injector which rotates with the kiln.

As the Fuel Injector reaches the vertical position, a tripping mechanism opens a gate to the kilns interior and the whole tires (or other waste-derived fuel) drop into the center of the kiln where temperatures are 1,900ºF. or greater. Virtually any energy-bearing waste can be used.

As the waste fuel enters the kiln it provides several important benefits.

First, it adds energy to the calcining zone, an area near the center of the kiln where energy is needed most.

Second, it tends to even out the burning zone of the kiln which increases the life of the refractory brick that lines the kiln.

Third, waste-derived fuel reduces energy costs by conserving fossil fuels.

Fourth, when waste is used as fuel, valuable natural resources such as coal are conserved.

Finally, wastes are destroyed and their potential role as a landfill pollutant is eliminated.

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