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Can Solar Inc

- Model jA2 - Combiner Box



Input port: 2 sets, rated 16A, Ø4.0mm solar connectors. Fuse holder seat: 4, on both positive and negative ports, for 10x38mm Midget  type. Surge arrestor seat: 1, for 3TE type, '+, N, -' or '-, N, +' (Neutral pole must in the middle).. Output port: 1 set, rated 32A, mill cutting lug terminal, for 16mm2 solar cable. DIN rails: 35mm, four seats for fuse holders, plastic formed on body. Cabling: No internal cabling required.

  • fuse holders and surge arrestor are not included.
  • pre-installed fuse holders or/and surge arrestor is possible, ask for quote.
    • a. model name: jA2215-104 (only pos. have fuse holder and fuse, with 40kA SPD)
    • b. model name: jA2415-104 (both pos. & neg. have fuse holder and fuse, with 40kA SPD)

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