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With worldwide rising awareness for the protection of our environment, requirements for waste water treatment are increasing, to that point of view Canamidex offers a strong product portfolio in optimal wastewater treatment systems customized to satisfy specific needs for a project. Whether the factors governing project requirements are process or regulatory, Canamidex provides the products and technologies to offer a cost-effective treatment scheme from pre treatment to zero liquid discharge or a combination.

As full system suppliers who design and realize the whole process out of one hand, we guarantee the compliance of the effluent values with the most rigid requirements - this provides our customers a high level of security. The time comes that a Sewage Treatment Facilities Municipal or Industrial may require significant upgrading or even an extension.  The upgrade usually concerns improvement process performance (removal rates) and efficiency as well as replacement of mechanical equipment. The plant expansion usually refers to an increase of the capacity or to the extension of treatment ability, ie adding Nutrient Removal.

In  all cases Canamidex is able offer solutions that will require the minimum disturbance of the plant’s operation and the least civil works construction in order to obtain significant capacity and performance increase.


Membrane bioreactors, also known as membrane biological reactor systems or MBRs, comprise a unique wastewater treatment process designed for numerous municipal and industrial applications. Membrane bioreactor systems may be used in such applications as water reuse, new housing developments, parks and resorts, retrofits, and turnkey projects.

MBRs are the new generation of wastewater treatment process, thanks to the use of submerged membrane modules successfully replacing the conventional sedimentation tank in the activated sludge treatment process for the separation of solid/liquid (biomass/treated water) with the result of having a more compact and efficient plant. MBR plants are efficient, reliable and future-oriented solutions, which significantly increase the purification rate, create a discharge absolutely free of solids and bacteria, thanks to an ultrafiltration membrane.

Our membrane modules may be installed directly in transportable containers, minimizing the technical plants necessary to their working.


  • No settlers (no problems of bulking and rising)
  • Smaller volumes for the biologic treatment (high MLSS concentration in the tank)
  • High quality of the water discharge
  • Average excess sludge production lower than 25% if compared to a Traditional Active Sludge Plant

Our modules consist of a skid made up of several box units containing hollow fiber membranes, of a Stainless Steel retaining structure, of air diffusors, of an air supply pipe, and of a pipe extracting the permeated and for the back flush of the membranes.


Wastewater contains many nutrients in the form of carbon- and nitrogen compounds, phosphates, proteins and other components. 

The biological process starts with the Bio-P zone (1), in this selector basin organic acids are created under an anaerobic ambient, this enables the bacteria in a later stage to absorb more phosphates than usually. Effluent values of total P < 1 mg/l without chemical dosage are possible under the condition of favorable nutrient composition.

The most important process step is conducted in the activated sludge basin (2). Carbon- and nitrogen compounds in the waste water are aerobically digested by the various kinds of bacteria living in this basin. The floating fine bubble aeration system enables the bacteria to work as efficient as possible because the floating fine bubble aeration ensures oxygen supply in all parts of the basin as well as proper mixing of the reactor.

Within the so called de-nitrification phase (3) lays another important task for the biomass in the activated sludge basin.  Smart control of the air supply results in anoxic zones within the basin, oxygen which is bound to nitrate is split off and utilized by certain specialized bacteria in that zones in order to oxidize carbon compounds and  the nitrogen is released to the atmosphere. 

After fulfilling this work in the activated sludge basin and consecutive settling in the clarifier (4) this biomass is sucked from the basin bottom of the clarifier and is recycled to the inlet of the basin. Clear product water is streaming from the effluent of the settling zone (5). If required, an optional filtering stage can be provided, to comply even with the most severe effluent requirements.


Low investment cost, Low running cost, Limited land use, High cleaning effect, Natural hygenisation, No smell, High process stability, Durability, Flexible use, Quick construction, Ease in operation and maintenance.


The wastewater quality of industrial effluents varies a lot depending on the type of industry. Even in the same industry one can observe significant differences in characteristics of the wastewater to be treated.  For this reason each application needs a specific design and approach to suit the requirements of the client.  Many other parameters also enter the difficult equation that process designers and engineers have to resolve so to produce the most suitable solution for treatment of industrial effluents.

Canamidex technical approach in such applications is characterized by the analytical investigation of the wastewater quality and its treatability and the provision of a solution that is implemented using compact and prefabricated units as much as possible.  This last feature greatly benefits the industrialists, as it requires much less plan – foot area than conventional methods and also provides a solution that limits the disruption of the factory’s business.


Sewage treatment of decentralized areas has always been a serious environmental problem and its solution imposes a technical challenge to the municipal planners and environmental engineers.  There are many remote villages, municipalities, tourist resorts and military or labor camps that are not connected to the main sewerage network and most of the times such connections are financially no viable and technically not feasible.


For such cases the Canamidex Packaged Solutions utilizing compact, pre-engineered and pre-fabricated units in containerized or skid-mounted form are the most convenient and cost effective solution for the treatment of sewage.

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