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- Model 0 - Semi-Volatile Organic Compound Analysis for Vapor Samples Compact Size — Rapid Screening — Surface Acoustic Wave Detector


Canary-Zero combines two microfabricated components: a micro chemical preconcentrator and a SAW microbalance detector. A designer chemical coating on the preconcentrator collects target analytes and ignores interfering chemicals. Canary-Zero cycles every 30 seconds reporting on the concentration of analytes like me-thyl salicylate. The system self cleans after each analysis. The complete Canary-Zero system is shown in figure 1. The entire sys-tem is approximately the size of a pager. Figure 2 shows the sensor output for 10 ppmv of methyl salicylate (MeS).

  • Pager sized chemical detector for rapid chemical screening work.
  • Reports the presence or absence of target chemicals within 30 seconds of introduction to the environment.
  • Designed for both handheld and remote applications.
  • System has a microfabricated chemical preconcentrator and Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) detector.
  • Color LEDs on the unit indicate Hi/Lo concentration detection or All Clear.
  • An optional four line display is available to view concentration information.

Canary-Zero is engi-neered to be very compact and lightweight. This system requires a 6-9 volt input. Lights on the de-vice indicate high/low concentra-tion or all clear. Alternatively, the chemical name and concentration are reported via RS-232.

The compact size of this system makes it an excellent choice for deployments where size is an issue; for instance,

  • Deploying several small sys-tems within a protective suit to monitor its resistance to contamination
  • UAV or UGV sensor pay-loads.
  • Monitoring in HVAC systems

  • 30 second analysis cycle screening
  • Compact gas module available for OEM appli-cations
  • Ambient air is the carri-er gas, no need for spe-cialty gases
  • Upload you own calibra-tion
  • Integrate Canary-Zero into your system or monitor Canary-Zero with an optional display
  • Software is included to view results on a com-puter.
  • Semi volatile chemical detection
  • Sensor system stable over weeks

  • Methyl Salicylate
  • Phosphonates
  • Pesticides
  • Flavor additives
  • Fragrances
  • JP-10
  • Chemical Weapons

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