Applied Process, Inc.

Carbidic Austempered Ductile Iron (CADI)


CADI is a new treatment that uses a matrix of ausferrite and carbides to add strength and wear resistance to ductile iron parts. The result is a premium, engineered iron with longer life, and more wear-resistant than Grade 5 ADI. Typical applications for CADI will be off-highway vehicles, agricultural equipment, railroad car and track, construction and mining, general industrial, material handling, and ground engaging components.

Typical applications of CADI include:

  • Rasp Bars
  • Wear Plates
  • Plow Points
  • Digger Teeth
  • Tip Holders  
  • Pump Impellors
  • Thrashing Elements
  • Hammers
  • Internal Tines
  • Rollers

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