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- Continuous Heat Treatment for Mesh Belt Furnace



Carbolite Gero offers continuous mesh belt furnaces with a maximum operating temperature of 1100 °C. Mesh belt furnaces are suitable for a wide range of heat treat applications including hardening, annealing, tempering and stress relieving. Furnaces can be designed for single or multi-zone operation and water cooled zones can also be offered. Each mesh belt furnace can be supplied with both inert and reactive atmospheres, O2 monitoring and compliance with AMS 2750E. The number of controlled heating and cooling zones, length of zones, belt width, control cabinets, and type of atmosphere control system can all be specified to meet individual customer’s processing requirements.

Up to 1100°C
Carbolite Gero offers mesh belt furnaces with various belt materials, including Inconel and steel, up to 1100°C.

Inert gas
Using a counter flow concept Carbolite Gero offers mesh belt furnaces under inert gas atmosphere.

Hydrogen gas controls
The heat treatment of some metals requires a hydrogen atmosphere. Hydrogen gas control and comprehensive safety equipment are available.

Cooling zones
For hardening of metals water cooled zones are available.

  • Various widths and lengths available
  • To meet AMS 2750E
  • O2 sensor for monitoring and controlling modified atmospheres
  • Temperature and gas standby mode for economical operation

  • Industrial production multi-zone mesh belt furnace for sintering of powder metallurgy componets for automotive industry in hydrogen atmosphere.
  • 1130°C maximum temperature mesh belt furnace with monitored and controlled atmosphere and a cooling zone cooled with water, variable speed mesh belt and O2 analyser. Temperature and gas standby mode for economical operation. Controlled by a single standby switch to reduce furnace temperature, belt speed and gas flow rate. Normal operation is easily resumed.
  • Industrial multi-zone mesh belt oven for annealing of drill bits (hardening is in Carbolite Gero rotary hearth furnace) (painted in customer colours)
  • Industrial production multi zone mesh belt furnace to 1500°C for sintering ceramic components

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