Saint Dizier Environnement

Saint Dizier Environnement

- Careening Water Treatment and Filtration Plant



Processing unit and filtration of effluent from dry dock areas.

  • Makes it possible to guarantee discharge values (for a polluting load according to the Vague Bleue study and compliance with operating conditions):
    TTS < 100 mg/L
    COD < 300 mg/L
    Oil < 10 mg/L (according to standard EN ISO 9377-2)

  • Static and run-of-river treatment.

  • Storage of sludge isolated from the flow and of high capacity.

  • Honeycomb settling structure made of polypropylene (very high chemical and mechanical resistance).

  • Decennial warranty via insurance supplemented by an Epers

Size: From 36 to 144 m³/h

The CAREN unit accumulates 3 functions:

  • Interception of floats

  • Treatment via lamellar settling

  • Water filtration

  • Access wells Ø 800 and Ø 1000

  • Polyester composite tank

  • Resistance class according to standard NF 16-451-1/CN: 1a

  • Input and output connection by lip seals

  • Flow breaker and siphon

  • Reinforcements for installation in water table

  • Anneaux de levage

  • Sludge withdrawal column with fireman’s connector DN80

  • Multilayer filtration with recyclable materials, extractable without draining.


The dry weather flow rate (careening) is treated with a surface hydraulic load of 0.1 m/h, and the flow rate in rainy weather at 2 m/h.

  • Automatic closing-off device - OBTAUTO200 or 300

  • Visual and audible oil alarm system - KAH05

  • Manual screening with 40 mm airgap in Stainless steel 316 L

  • Composite riser - RHP800 and RHP1000

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