- Clarifier For EffiCient Flocculation And Rapid Withdrawal Of Sludge



In the Carrousel BNR system, the stage is set for achieving tight effluent limits. The combination of the Carrousel system with the ProSet™ clarifier with its rapid sludge withdrawal capabilities allows for all of those nutrients that have been captured to be properly disposed of in the sludge handling areas of a plant.

Both owners and engineers appreciate the innovative scum capture, the visual access to RAS at each point of withdrawal, and the ability to work on the clarifierdrive without dewatering. Carrousel is a registered trademark of DHV, B.V.

The SludgeViewR design offers many advantages over other sludge removal options. The design provides rapid RAS removal across the full diameter of the tank, which helps to minimize denitrification (and associated surface clumping) and the release of phosphorous in the sludge blanket. The SludgeViewR system also provides operators with the ability to visually monitor the RAS being collected from each of the withdrawal tubes in the open top header trough. If clogs are observed in any of the tubes, another user-friendly concept is the ease with which the straight tubes can be quickly unclogged from the access bridge.

This energy dissipating inlet (EDI) differs substantially from conventional practice by using the entire EDI circumference to discharge flow instead of just a few openings in the EDI shell. The resulting quiescent flow provides a uniform velocity profile and promotes flocculation within the feedwell. Another advantage of the Equaflo 360 design is that feed well depths can be minimized, which helps avoid scouring of the sludge blanket as flow goes beneath the lower edge of the feed well.

Conventional scum removal relies on capturing scum at the tank periphery, maximizing the potential for TSS impacts due to scum carrying over the effluent weir. The ScumTrappR design captures the majority of scum as it enters the tank, thereby eliminating the need to capture scum at the tank perimeter and minimizing the potential for scum to negatively impact effluent TSS. The resulting clean clear expanse of clarifier surface is an aesthetic benefit appealing to both plant operators and plant visitors.

The JackboltTM clarifier drive is the ONLY clarifier drive that allows replacement of drive components without dewatering the clarifier tank – the Jackbolt design allows a plant operator to replace major drive components from the center platform using an engine hoist without removing any water from the basin. The drive also utilizes a precision bearing design and a cast iron housing for maximum bearing life and superior corrosion resistance. Simply put, the Jackbolt drive is a one of a kind design available only from Ovivo.

  • Efficient flocculation and rapid withdrawal of sludge
  • No need to dewater tank to maintain clarifier drive, reducing maintenance costs
  • Easy to spot any clogs in the tubes
  • Rapidly withdraws sludge, providing enhanced biological phosphorus removal
  • The SludgeViewR system allows operators to view RAS being collected.ollected

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