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- Nir Sensor Sorting System



For specifically removing beverage cartons (with/without aluminum layer) from mixed plastics streams the CartonSort  recycling technology will be your choice. Based on the popular Sapphire sorting module, the MSS CartonSort provides MRFs a flexible solution for automated optical separation of aseptic, gabletop and drink cartons as well as other selected materials. The CartonSort Module uses a highly advanced nearinfrared (NIR) sensor that identifies drink cartons  (layered LDPE/cellulose compounds) from a commingled container input stream at unmatched throughputs.

  • Dual-Eject configuration
  • Metal detector upgrade
  • Split configuration
  • Color touchscreen user interface with modem/ethernet access
  • Selection of languages (English, Spanish, German, French, etc.)
  • Different sort configurations by the touch of a button

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