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Cartridge Dust Collectors


AR-CH sinking flow cartridge dust collector is our latest product. This product is developed according to the real requirement of dust collector industry and used the most advanced dust collector technology. It can be widely used for dust control of different industries such as shipbuilding, automobile, casting, non-ferrous metal, tobacco, light industry, chemical and medicine. Features: Choose cartridge material according to different dust specificity and use original packing improted cartridge or domestic assembled cartridge to solve the difficult problem of dust control. Unique sinking flow theory design, building block type structure, adjustable wind flow capacity, meet the requirement of different working condition. Perfect combination of high effciency cartridge and sinking folw duct collector to reduce the volume and area of the dust collector. Super low working resistance, energy consumption and operation cost. Cartridge maintenance and replacement is more simple, quick and safe, shut down time is reduced greatly. Advanced full automatic compressed air pulse cleaning dust method to prolong the lifetime of cartridge and assure the low resistance operation of dust collector.

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