Fiberglass Well Systems

Casing and Screens


The entire downhole assembly is comprised of the singular 'HP' Epoxy/Fiberglass material. This product contains no foreign elements which could compromise the groundwater sample. Each casing assembly is manufactured to the exacting specifications as determined by this document. F.W.S. adheres to a rigid, comprehensive quality control program to ensure the high standard of product produced.Standard monitor well applications use a 450 PSI screen stock with 800 PSI ends.

Larger wall thicknesses are available for deeper wells or unstable ground conditions. Call factory for details and pricing.

All well assemblies are available with a factory installed bottom cap, and a small sump for slough material and water sample accumulation.

All threaded ends and fittings are machined to very tight tolerances to ensure quality.

F.W.S. uses a non modified square thread at four (4) threads/inch for strength and manageability. Crossovers to fit other casing manufacturers threads, including F-480 90 are available.

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