Castagra Products, Inc.
Castagra Products, Inc.

- Model Ecodur 201 - Protective Coatings


Castagra is a leader in the green coatings industry with over 20 years of performance and protection in some of the toughest industrial environments where extremes are the norm.

The base product Ecodur is a plasticized gypsum formulation that combines the best attributes afforded by a vegetable oil and a commonly occurring rock mineral – retained flexibility, durability and chemical neutrality.

It is free of Volatile Organic Compounds, BPA-free, rated for use in contact with potable water (NSF-61/AWWA D102), can be re-applied to itself for the life of the coating, and very significantly, it does not contain solvents, or require them in application or clean-up.

Today, Ecodur has been applied to well over a thousand oil tanks in the oil and gas industry, to numerous drinking water and waste water facilities, as well as in major food manufacturing and handling facilities.

Our coatings can be readily applied to vertical surfaces with the patented spray technology allowing for maximum ‘sprayability’ in confined spaces where manual application would be most difficult if not hazardous.

Further adding to Ecodur’s overall performance characteristics is the fact that it can be applied in such extreme winter environments as those experienced in North Dakota for example.

With its life-long ability to bond back on any repair, clients can have the confidence that any remedial work can be confined to the target area rather than requiring the entire stripping of a coating as often happens with conventional epoxy coatings.

With many companies opting to sourcing ‘green products’ it is notable that being comprised principally of castor oil, which is renewable, and gypsum which is recyclable, this biologically inert material achieves the highest level of protection for the environment both during its lifetime and when disposed.

Now, Ecodur’s benefits are extending into foam applications. With the same basic qualities of Ecodur, the foamable product is extending into wider potential applications as it has excellent insulating qualities and retains its high fire retardant rating.

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