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Laser cladding is highly advantageous over TIG and MIG processes since it is automated, chemically clean and environmentally friendly. Castolin Eutectic disposes of Laser cladding facilities in Norway, Korea, Austria and the US.

The arrival of High Power Direct Diode (HPDD) laser technology a few years ago started to drastically change the landscape of hardfacing. The HPDD technology was able to maintain its high power efficiency and quality, whilst dramatically reducing the cladding time and cost. With the introduction of the first 8KW HPDD laser in Europe by Castolin, the full advantages of this breakthrough can now be exploited. To date, 3 diode LaserClad units are installed within Castolin Eutectic premises globally. Our offer includes laser coating serices (deposition of thick coatings, on large parts, precision cladding with thin coatings on small parts, repair and maintainence of industrial parts, R&D support for novel materials), manufacturing of Laser Cladding powders and fully automated and integrated laser cladding facilities.

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