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Catalytic Oxidizers


We have the first conversion recuperative catalytic oxidizer that can operate with either gas or electric as the heating source. Our Catalytic Oxidizers are made with strong, high-quality materials, and guaranteed for 5 years! Some of our customers utilize rental catalytic oxidizer units of both electric and gas fired system, so wouldn't it be great if you could simply stock the core unit and then mount either a gas burner or an electric heating unit in 30 minutes?

HTT Fume Incineration System containing a gas burner, or electric heaters, to raise the temperature of the exhaust gases to the required operating temperature. This assures maximum destruction of the VOCs in the exhaust gas. The complete system is packaged with an integral preheat exchanger, Inconel-sheath, low watt density heating elements or gas burner, precious metal ceramic type catalyst module, refractory lined processing chamber and a field-installed stack.


The Catox System is constructed of 304 stainless steel (Note: We use 316 L for HCl solvent applications) and insulated with a combination of Ceramic Fiber and high temperature insulating materials. The refractory is installed with stainless steel anchors to maintain integrity while the lower chamber is constructed of carbon steel and coated with an acid-resistant epoxy coating.


Catalyst is supplied in modular sections in separate frames. The frames come complete with all mounting flanges and gaskets. The frames bolt directly to a stainless steel support grid inside the chamber of the retention zone. This allows the EZ-Bolt Catalyst modules to be easily accessed for removal and or maintenance.


The catalytic oxidizer system includes an integral preheat exchanger for raising the temperature of the exhaust gases prior to entering the firing chamber. The exchanger is a shell and tube-type unit manufactured using easy-clean 1 inch alloy tubes.


Our catalytic oxidizer system includes a process air electric heater for raising the temperature of the gases to operating temperature as required. System comes complete with an Incalloy-sheathed, tubular heater rated at 10 to 20 watts per square inch and mounted on a stainless steel flange with a weather-proof terminal housing and screw type terminals.

The system is available with a packaged gas-fired burner, for raising the temperature of the gases to operating temperature as required. System includes flame safety, controls and safeties along with a motorized modulating gas valve that regulates burner output using digital controllers. Burner train components are supplied separately for field installation. Customer is to supply gas regulators as needed.


The top of the system contains a flanged connection for mounting either the electric or gas heating system. Choose the desired heat source and bolt either the burner or the electric elements to the flange. Each heat source comes complete with its own panel, which is mounted to the system base. Simply connect the thermocouples to the panel and the system is complete. Removal and reinstallation takes less than one hour, however, it's sometimes more cost effective to replace a troublesome component or panel with a new one than to spend time field-troubleshooting.


The system includes one (1) dilution air blower for maintaining minimal air ratio and controlling chamber temperature. The blower includes a control damper and modulating actuator.


Included with the system is one (1) flame arrester to reduce the possibility that gases and flame may flow back up the supply duct.


System package may include an optional Data Logging system manufactured by HOBO such as model H12-002 for a single channel type K TC. Other recorders are available that can accept T/C, MA, or DC inputs for required sensors.


The system includes one (1) waste gas diverting t-valve for closing off the stack during operation, or for closing off the waste gas to the oxidizer when the system is not operational. System package includes a spring-return actuator that diverts gases up the stack during a power failure.


The system operator has the ability to start and stop the system from the main panel, or from remote inputs. Start-up proves the blower, start burner, proves set temperature and signal to start fume injection. Blower pressure and customer safety limits must also be proven prior to burner ignition. Component failures can shut down the system and alert the operator. Indicator lights display any fault(s).

The system is designed to operate with variable waste-gas input while natural gas is controlled to maintain a preset temperature. The system self-regulates the fuel input to both maintain temperature and adjust conditions to match the flow of the waste gas stream.


The system package includes one (1) Hoffman Nema 4 control panel for remote control and monitoring. The system maintains a preset temperature utilizing a type K T/C and 4-20 ma digital controllers. System operation is monitored by Honeywell DC-3000 temperature controllers located in the main panel. All controls and safeties are also operated from the main panel. The controller modulates the heat input to maintain temperature. Contacts are provided for remote start and stop as well as a pressure-limit switch for the motor starter coil. PLC operation is optional.

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