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- Model KAT Series - Catalytic Systems


Catalytic exhaust air and waste gas purification .EWK Environmental Engineering has been manufacturing systems for the purification of air and waste gases for years.

The SCR (selective catalytic reduction) methods successfullyused for the reduction of pollutants in

  • Process exhaust air
  • Combustion gases

The burning of biological fuels, (wood, straw, biogas etc.) as well as fossil fuels (heating oil, natural gas, heavy oil, coal) and industrial waste (solvent, sewage sludge, explosive, refuse and industrial residue etc.) generates large amounts of the following substances even in the most advanced furnaces: Nitric oxide NOx

  • Carbon monoxide CO
  • Hydrocarbons CmHn
  • Dioxin / Furan PCDD / PCDF

With the SCR catalyser technology these air pollutants can be precipitated to a large degree and converted to N2, CO2, H2O.

Modular construction

  • The EWK reactors consist of modules set in stainless steel casings with insulation.
  • This permits an individual assembly depending upon the kind of pollutant and pollutant concentration.
  • Individual adaption to local requirements.
  • Compact and economical construction.

SCR catalyzer technology is characterized by:

  • simple operation
  • low maintenance effort
  • long lifetime
  • high operating safety
  • low operating costs
  • easy upgrading of existing systems

Advantages of the SCR-technology with the reaction medium urea

  • Urea is non-toxic, transportation and storage hold no risks
  • NOx conversion rates of over 98% are possible
  • no or negligible reaction by-products
  • low ammonia slip

  • Combustion furnaces
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Process exhaust air
  • Solvent disposal
  • Stainless steel pickling plants
  • Gas / Diesel engines
  • Solid waste utilization plants
  • Waste incinerators
  • Glass smelting pots
  • Block heat and power plants
  • Explosives disposal

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