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Process Combustion’s catalytic thermal oxidisers operate at significantly lower temperatures than equivalent thermal systems. With the ever increasing cost of fuel, catalytic oxidation systems can offer a cost effective, energy efficient solution to your air pollution needs.

Where the process gas stream has to be free from particulate, catalyst poisons and left-over materials that can mask or affect the catalyst you need a catalytic thermal oxidiser system that operates at significantly lower temperatures than normal thermal oxidisers.

Process Combustion’s solution delivers cost effective catalytic oxidisation to your air pollution needs. In addition our engineers can isolate several catalyst types to maximise the removal efficiency of the VOCs and improve the life expectancy of the catalyst housed within the unit.

Key benefits of our incinerators include:

  • Can handle very high VOC concentrations
  • Industry beating extremely high VOCs destruction efficiency – up to 99.95%
  • Reacts speedily to high peak concentrations
  • Can be designed to provide constant heat recovery to be used elsewhere in the process.

  • Energy efficient at low VOC concentrations.
  • Very high VOC destruction efficiency capability - up to 99.5%.
  • Up to 70% primary heat recovery capability.
  • Secondary heat recovery can be installed to heat water or air.
  • Lower fuel costs compared to other thermal oxidiser systems.
  • Low capital costs due to reduced reaction chamber size.
  • Compact and light, reduces space and civil requirements.
  • Reduced start up time and flexible in operation.
  • Skid mounted for minimum installation time and cost.
  • Advanced control system design.

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