Cambridge CMOS Sensors

- Model CCS811B - Ultra-low Power Digital Gas Sensor for Monitoring Indoor Air Quality



The CCS811 is an ultra-low power digital gas sensor solution which integrates a metal oxide (MOX) gas sensor for monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ) including Carbon Monoxide (CO) and a wide range of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) with a microcontroller unit (MCU), a Analog-to-Digital converter (ADC), and an I2C interface.

CCS811 is based on Cambridge CMOS sensors unique Micro-hotplate technology enables a highly reliable solution for gas sensors, very fast cycle times and a significant reduction in average power consumption vs. traditional MOX gas sensors.

The integrated MCU manages the sensor drive modes, ADC measurements and raw sensor data measured while detecting VOCs. The I
2C digital interface significantly simplifies the hardware and software design, enabling a faster time to market.

CCS811 supports intelligent detection algorithms to process raw sensor measurements to represent equivalent CO2 (eCO2) levels or TVOC measurement in real world environments, where the main cause of VOCs is from humans.

CCS811 supports multiple measurement modes that have been optimised for low-power consumption during an active sensor measurement and idle mode extending battery life in portable applications. CCS811 is available in a 10 lead 2.7 x 4.0mm, 0.6mm pitch LGA package.

  • IAQ Gas sensor
  • Integrated MCU with ADC
  • I2C digital interface
  • Optimised low-power modes
  • Compact 2.7x4.0 mm LGA package
  • Proven technology platform

  • On-board processing to reduce requirement on hostprocessor
  • Fast time-to-market
  • Extended battery life
  • Reduced component count
  • Suitable for small form factor designs
  • Highly reliable solution

  • AQ monitoring for Smartphones, accessories and connected home devices

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