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- Model 3000 - Liquid Concentrate


CDG SOLUTION 3000 liquid concentrate is EPA-registered pure chlorine dioxide. CDG SOLUTION 3000 liquid concentrate obviates on-site production equipment; it requires no mixing or “activation”, which simplifies chlorine dioxide application for small-volume users.

CDG SOLUTION 3000 liquid concentrate, the first stable, ready-to-use liquid chlorine dioxide biocide, was invented by CDG to control microorganisms in drinking water, process water, piping systems, cooling towers, condensers and heat exchangers. It is easier to apply, safer to handle, and more effective than chlorine or bromine-based products.

  • Pure chlorine dioxide in water
  • Concentrated: 3000 ppm (0.3%)
  • DOT-approved for transport & ready-to-use
  • No “activation” required
  • No on-site chemical mixing
  • Storage stable at room temperature
  • Applied by simple chemical feed pump
  • Maintains efficacy at high pH
  • Rinses clean

  • Hospital potable water systems
  • Hotel & commercial potable water systems
  • Recirculating cooling water systems
  • Air washers and scrubbers
  • Food & beverage processing plants
  • Industrial pasteurizers
  • Heat transfer systems
  • Paper making machines

CDG SOLUTION 3000™ liquid concentrate is EPA-Approved for a wide variety of industrial, commercial, agricultural, & food processing applications. » View the Approved Label Claims

CDG SOLUTION 3000™ liquid concentrate is FDA-Approved for a variety of anti-microbial uses with poultry, fruits & vegetables. » View the Approval Letter

Star-K Kosher Certified:
CDG SOLUTION 3000™ liquid concentrate is Star-K Kosher Certified. » View the Certification letter

EPA-FIFRA registered:
CDG SOLUTION 3000™ liquid concentrate is an EPA-FIFRA registered anti-microbial pesticide (EPA Reg. No. 75757-2).

NSF certified:
CDG SOLUTION 3000™ liquid concentrate is certified by the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) under the NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water treatment.

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