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- Model CT - Combustion Tempering



Through years of experience and knowledge, we have patented innovative technologies designed to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions for new or existing coal, oil, and gas fired boilers. Our CCA Combustion Systems brand Combustion Tempering (CT) process injects water (steam or flue gas can be utilized) upstream of the flame to reduce the temperature at the point of initial combustion, reducing NOx emissions. By utilizing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling and laser Doppler spray testing, we are able to deliver optimal reliability, efficiency and operations, minimizing water usage and ensuring consistent performance for your specific needs.

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • High-efficiency NOx removal with CFD modelling
  • Low capital costs


  • CFD modeling is used to determine the injection droplet size, velocity, spray pattern and direction to ensure that the water is injected into the most effective NOx reduction zone
  • NOx production is decreased 50% for every 190oF reduction in flame temperature
  • Laser Doppler spray testing is used to confirm water spray is consistent with design requirements

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