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- Cellular Controller System



This model of the ezeio Controller has the exact same features as the standard model, with the addition of both a built-in GSM/3G/GPS cellular radio*, and local 868/900MHz wireless communication. The cellular radio is used for network connectivity in situations where a physical Ethernet connection is not available, or a backup is required. The ezeio will automatically switch over to cellular communication if it is unsuccessful contacting the cloud servers via Ethernet. The 868/900MHz radio is used for local communication (up to 100m/300ft range) with sensors and input/output expansion modules. This radio is using a proprietary, encrypted protocol designed specifically for the ezeio system.

The ezeio comes complete with GSM antenna, power supply, an Ethernet cable and 4 months of basic service. Additional service is easily purchased via the web interface. Access to the web UI for configuration and live data is included for life.


  • Built-in Quad-band GSM/3G module with GPS
  • Built-in 868/900MHz transceiver
  • 4 analog general purpose inputs (0-10V / 4-20mA / S0-pulse / digital)
  • 2 general purpose relay outputs (max 50V@2A)
  • ModBus-RTU compatible serial port
  • MicroLAN master
  • Standard Ethernet 10/100 port
  • Runs on 8-25VDC,
  • Logging interval configurable from 10 seconds up to 1 hour for each input
  • Up to four alarm thresholds for every input
  • Alarms can send email, control outputs, set modes and more
  • Live access from standard web interface
  • No special firewall or network configuration
  • HTTP XML API available for easy integration with other systems
  • Zero on-site configuration required
  • Includes GSM antenna, 12VDC power adapter and a 6ft Ethernet cable.
  • GPS antenna not included
  • The ezeio is designed and manufactured in the US.

The ezeio is suitable for a wide range of applications – from temperature alarms, submetering and thermostat control, to complex control applications. The system is designed to be easy to install and deploy in anything from single sites to hundreds spread out over the globe.

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