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Model GIGAS - CEM Analyzer System



GIGAS FT-IR is the only and unique analyzer based on a completely Italian, TÜV certified FT-IR technology. GIGAS FT-IR 10M performances have been tested and approved by TÜV Rheinland, in compliance with both current and yet available European standards EN 15267, EN 14181 and EN 14956.

Measuring components

H2O, CO2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, HCl, NH3, HF, N2O, O2*, TOC* and oxygen analyzers

*For specific applications CGS is also applied with TOC and oxygen analyzers


  • Waste Management: Incineration, multi fuel ovens;
  • Energy Production: Thermal Power Stations;
  • Chemical Industry: Chemical Combustion Plants, Solvent Recovery;
  • Steel, iron, aluminum, glass and ceramic production plants; foundry etc.

Specific Composition

  • External Gas Sampling System;
  • Heated transfer line for gas;
  • GIGAS FT-IR 10M analyzer;
  • TOC analyzer and O2 optional analyzer;
  • PC and PLC for automatic management;
  • Intuitive interface through touch screen.

Loccioni GasCalc software

  • Instantaneous measurement of gas concentration values;
  • Measurement of both pressure and temperature of GIGAS FT-IR 10M analyzer cell;
  • General parameters of GIGAS FT-IR 10M analyzer cell;
  • Possible entry of new components to be measured;
  • Alarm status management;
  • Diagnostic and functioning parameters;
  • Zero calibration procedure;
  • Automatic data saving;
  • Input/output analog and digital signals.

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