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Cement Kiln Honeycomb Denitrification Catalyst



The shape is honeycomb, 13 holes, 16 holes, 18 holes, 20 holes, 22 holes, 25 holes, cross-section size 150 * 150mm, the length can be adjusted.The main components of this product are TiO2, V2O5 and WO3, axial / radial compressive strength ≥ 2.5 / 0.8Mpa, mass specific surface area ≥ 60m2 / g. Mainly used for 180-200 ℃ operating conditions of the boiler flue gas denitrification for denitrification after dust, for NOx concentration range 0-1500ppm conditions, the overall denitrification efficiency can reach more than 90%, NH3 escape ≤ 3ppm, SO2 / SO3 conversion ≤ 1%. Storage environment humidity ≤ 30%, storage location should have a defense against rain, snow, wind, sand, ash facilities.

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