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- Continuous Emissions Monitoring System



As a manufacturer, integrator, and tester PACE Environmental Products Inc. is your single best resource for turnkey CEMS Systems. Each CEMS is designed to conform to current EPA standards and is built to suit the monitoring requirements you need. Housed within a single cabinet, all systems are built with the highest quality and designed for easy maintenance and serviceability. Gases such as SO2, NO, NOx, CO2, O2 and CO, as well as volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and hydrocarbons, are the gases that can be monitored with a PACE Environmental Products Inc. system. Accurate and reliable data is possible thru PACE’s state of the art Data Acquisition System. Whether your demand is for complex or simple monitoring, PACE Environmental Products Inc. is your first choice for all your CEMS needs.

  • Conforms to EPA Standards
  • Designed for End Users Requirements
  • High Quality Cabinet Enclosure
  • Top Mounted Exhaust Fan
  • Standard Warning/Alarm Lights
  • Turnkey Systems

  • Multiple Monitoring
  • Temperature Control
  • 19' Rack Mounted Components

  • Sample Flow and Calibration Control
  • Optional DACS with HMI Interface

  • Optional Gas Sample Conditioning
  • Serviceable Layout
  • Minimal Maintenance

When you're responsible for emissions monitoring and control, it seems you're always facing a new deadline. Whether Federal Clean Air Act standards or the latest regulations in your home state, it helps to have a reliable, expert supplier by your side.

PACE provides outstanding equipment and services that help our customers achieve regulatory compliance and maintain it. For more than 25 years, PACE has designed and built custom Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) for Fortune 500 firms, top research organizations, industrial companies, leading utilities and government agencies.

PACE systems provide reliable monitoring of NOx, CO, CO2, NH3, SO2, O2, and VOC's. They will meet or exceed your requirements in these and many other applications:

  • Multi-point Organic Vapor Monitoring
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant Incineration
  • Engine Exhaust Monitoring
  • Dual-stack CEM applications
  • Mobile CEM units
  • Marine Boilers
  • Nitric Acid Plants
  • Kiln Monitoring
  • Odorant Control
  • Medical Waste Incineration
  • Cogeneration
  • Charcoal Absorption Bed Monitoring
  • Solvent Incineration
  • Ambient Monitoring for Plant Air Intake Vapor Recovery
  • Printing Applications
  • Coating Manufacturing
  • Fluidized Bed Coal Desulfurization Monitoring

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