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- Glass Lined Steel Tank Mounted With Geo Membrane Roof For Biogas Process

Glass lined steel tank with geo membrane roof is tank who are used for the storage of Biogas and therefore are covered by the biogas double membrane roof. The biogas double membrane roof exist from a inside membrane from biogas persistent foil and a weather persistent outside membrane. Both membranes are mounted on the tankwall with hot dip galvanized hooping . On the inside a steel centre column with a net and tensioned bands hold the double membrane roof. Standard the roof is made for lower pressures -0.5 en Pmax 5 mbar, on request higher pressures can be designed. We deliver several volumes depending on diameter tanks up to 32 meters.

Quick details of glass lined steel tank


Coating color

dark blue, dark green , white, and customized

Capacity available

20 m3 to 18,600 m3

Roof available

Glass lined steel roof, aluminum sloped deck roof , GRP roof

Membrane roof

A standard steel plate size

effective size 2400mm x 1200 m

Steel plates thickness

3mm - 12mm , depends on the diameter & height

Coating thickness

0.25mm - 0.4mm, two coating internal and external

Acid and alkalinity proof

standard coating suits for PH3 - PH11, special coating suits for PH1 - PH14




same as steel sheet , around 500KN/mm


6.0 Mohs

Service life

>30 years

Spark test

>1500 V


gas and liquid impermeable

Easy yo clean

smooth, glossy, inert, anti-adhesion

Corrosion resistance

excellent ! Suitable for waste water salt water, sea water, high sulfur crude oil, salt fox, organic and inorganic compounds



Municipal:  In the municipal environment these tanks are used for drinking water, municipal waste leachate storage, sewage treatment, wastewater treatment and anaerobic digestion
Industrial:  Industrial applications catered for include industrial effluent storage and process, industrial effluent digestion, process water storage and bulk solids storage
Agricultural:  For agriculture, Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks & Silos are utilized for slurry storage, farm biogas production and grain and forage silos
Mining:  The tough chemical and abrasion resistance of PERMASTORE® Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks & Silos make them ideal for storage and process applications
Bio-fuels:  As well as biogas applications, these tanks can be used within the bio-fuels market for vegetable oils, bio-diesel and ethanol storage

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