Mecanex SA

Mecanex SA

Model 2AN - Centrifugal Mono-Staged Pumps with Horizontal Shaft



We work successfully  with MECANEX for a long time. MECANEX devote their whole team of engineers to provide solutions and high quality products in a short time after the customer’s needs. OMW Petrom – România only strongly recommend MECANEX Romania.

  • long life
  • easy assembling
  • the normalization of the functional sizes
  • standard manufacturing materials
  • interchangeability of pump parts
  • the mounting on the rigid slab allows a good absorption of vibrations

  • supplying with drinking water (water purifying and treatment stations)
  • industrial installations
  • freezing or condensing installations
  • agricultural  farms
  • sewerage and maintenance systems
  • clean water or other not   aggressive liquids with the maximum viscosity about 5°E

  • Flow 5-450 m3/h
  • Height 5-85 m
  • Temperature max. 1050C
  • Suction DN PN 10 bar
  • Discharge DN 50-200 mm
  • DN refulare  32-150 mm

  • Centrifugal mono-staged pumps with horizontal shaft
  • Axial suction, radial discharge on vertical direction
  • impeller with backwards pallets forth balancing of axial forces
  • Oil-bath lubrication
  • Sealing with graphite asbestos and stuffing box

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