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Buch & Holm has since its inception in 1935 been dealing with spin and has built up a large know-how. We offer a wide range for centrifuges, so we should be able to solve most tasks and applications. If you need help with maintenance, our service technicians ready. Our primary supplier, Sigma, which offers a wide range of centrifuges. The program covers from small centrifuges for microtubes up to floor models with a capacity of 12 liters.

All centrifuges are CE marked and comply with the requirements from the Danish Working Environment Authority. Sigma centrifuges have all brushless drives, resulting in less maintenance. Speed can be set either rpm or g-value.


The small centrifuges have a short spin function. The device counts and show spent time on a ride. Therefore it is very easy to process multiple samples in the same way.


Model 2-16K and all major models have automatic rotor-spotting system which prevents exceeding of max. speed. In addition, unknown rotor mass and g-value is calculated.


The centrifuges are available in a programmable version that allows you to define and save individual runs. Models 3-30K, 6-16, 6-16K and 8K has programmable controls as standard.

For special applications, such as oil analysis we can supplie centrifuges with heating. Contact our product specialists for further information.


Service agreements on virtually any centrifuges.


Buch & Holm has been a supplier of centrifuges for over 50 years and we know what it takes! Our service technicians have been through years of courses from many different manufacturers. This helps us to provide qualified service for centrifuges by virtually all manufacturers.

A service includes one visit per year and includes the safety inspections.


The safety inspections conducted in accordance with safety regulations centrifuges No. 776 of 25 November 1991. Here it is required that centrifuges must be inspected at least once a year by the supplier or another competent person.

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