Centrifuges Un-Limited

- Drilling Fluid Temperature Control System


Cooling of the drilling fluid is an essential part of the safety and financial aspects in drilling high pressure / high temperature wells. Centrifuges Un-limited packages provide just such a system. Supplied skid mounted for ease of transport and installation they can be in operation in the shortest possible time. Units can be provided to encompass a range of operational needs. Their efficiency in the effective treatment of mud heat transfer is well documented and ease of access allows for ready maintenance programs.

  • Improves personnel safety and working environment.
  • Increases endurance and accuracy of inhole measuring devices such as MWD.
  • MWD and logging tools can be used at greater depths.
  • Gives longer elastomer life in MWD/LWD tools, BOPs, riser, shakers, centrifuges and pumps.
  • Fewer conditioning additives are required, giving lower drilling fluid costs.
  • Improves Safety of HPHT Drilling Operations

The Centrifuges Un-limited Drilling Fluid Temperature Control System incorporates two plate heat exchangers designed in accordance with PED/ASME codes and standards.

It features a complete piping assembly with gauges and manually operated butterfly valves for product and cooling water. The system can be operated as an individual unit, in parallel or series depending on your cooling/heating requirements. The drilling fluids are supplied from the clean fluid pit and pumped to the control system by means of a centrifugal pump. A suction strainer prevents large solids entering the system. A back flush arrangement is incorporated for cleaning the system.

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