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Bilgeri EnvironTec GmbH

Model FF - Ceramic Cartridge Fine Filter


Fine filters are used for the fine purification of biogas. This allows the separation of fine particles ≥8 µm as well as condensate vapour. EnvironTec fine filters are fitted with filter candles made from Pantel (special fire clay). As the gas flows through the filter candles from the outside to the inside, anomalous matter is separated out on the outer wall. The filter material used is chemically resistant/neutral, has a high filtration performance coupled with a low pressure loss and is easy to clean with pressurised water. Condensate is drained via an optional siphon or condensate separator. If required, fine filters can also be fitted with differential pressure gauging (U-tube or individual pressure gauges). EnvironTec fine filters are entirely made from 1.4571 stainless steel. • Separation of ultrafine particles and humidity from biogas/sewage gas • Fine purification of the gas, e.g., directly before gas engines • Low pressure loss • Removable filter inserts for easy cleaning

Any condensate can be removed by means of a siphon or optional condensate. On request can fine filter with pressure difference measurement (U-tube manometer or individual) and water level indicator can be equipped.

EnvironTec - fine filters are made of stainless steel 1.4571 manufactured.

  • Separation of finest ingredients and moisture from biogas / digester gas
  • Fine cleaning of the gas, eg, directly in front of gas engines
  • Low Druckverlus
  • Easy cleaning thanks to removable filter cartridges
  • Differential pressure measurement and automatic condensate removal optional
  • Completely in stainless steel 1.4571
  • Made in Austria

  • Gas cleaning of solid particles and condensate mist
  • Pore size of 150 - 210μm
  • Optionally available with differential pressure measurement
  • Water level indicator and condensate removal

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