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- Model CAT - Ceramic Filter Elements


FILTRATH catalytic filter elements were developed especially for use in hot gas filtration. They are manufactured from high temperature wool, are very light and have very favourable differential pressure behaviour due to their high porosity. Their excellent separation performance meets the highest emission standards.

FILTRATH filter elements – High-tech for hot gas filtration:

  • High temperature resistant
  • 100% spark resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Highly efficient
  • Emission values < 1 mg/Nm3
  • Non-hazardous (AES-variant)

There are two material versions of FILTRATH®filter elements:

Material: Aluminium silicate wool
Chemical Analysis:

  • Al2O3 44% Wt.
  • SiO2 56% Wt.

Max. working temperature*:

  • 1.000 °C



  • Calcium/magnesium-silicate wool

Chemical Analysis:

  • CaO/MgO 25% Wt.
  • SiO2 75% Wt.

Max. working temperature*:

  • 1.000 °C
Our products and services grow with your Needs!

We produce hot gas filter cartridges in best quality in a new dimension.
Flexibility in length, temperature and catalytic coating.

Our filter cartridges are available in standard sizes up to 4,500 mm in a single piece and with our innovative connection technology up to 6,000 mm.

Optimized machting

  • between 250-1.000° C with non-catalytic coating (FILTRATH®)
  • up to 420° C with catalytic coating (FILTRATH®CAT)

Catalytic Coating:
For applications far beyond the usual standards, we offer our customers individual coating possibilities: FILTRATH®CAT.

RATH Filtration GmbH is a solution provider in the field of industrial air pollution control (APC). RATH offers tailored engineering solutions for hot gas filtration (HGF) applications based around its class-leading, portfolio of rigid, low density, FILTRATH® ceramic candle filter (CF) elements.


Combining skills and manufacturing expertise with high temperature insulation wools (HTIW) and vacuum forming techniques developed for the refractory industry, RATH has developed an extensive range of FILTRATH®CAT catalytic and FILTRATH® non-catalytic hot gas filter elements.  These form the core of APC systems used to control hot gas emissions from a broad range of industrial applications.

FILTRATH® ceramic filter elements are, among other things, suitable for the following areas:

  • Manufacture and recovery of powdery substances (e.g. molten glass and metal)
  • Clinker cooling in the cement industry
  • Manufacture of Plastics
  • Waste incinerator facilities
  • Pyrolysis and gasification processes
  • Power plant processes and combustion plants

FILTRATH®CAT – the latest generation of catalytic filter cartridges

By combining RATH technology developments – sorbent/reductant injection with extended length FILTRATH®CAT elements – highly-effective “3-in-1” multi-pollutant (DeDust, DeSOx, DeNOx) can be achieved with a single system. We will provide you with the solution you need.

For you, this means: fewer interfaces, reducing the overall footprint and saving space, hence offering the potential for significant CAPEX and OPEX savings.

Advantages of dry particle separation at high temperatures:

  • Economic benefits through conservation of process heat for further process steps
  • Maintenance of process gas and dust properties through stable temperature control and dry particle separation
  • Cost-efficient protection of catalysts
  • Avoidance of corrosion and deposits in the downstream equipment
  • Maximum environmental protection: no use of water and no related waste water problems
  • Compact filter design

Compliance, Protection, Recovery

FILTRATH® & FILTRATH®CAT hot gas filter elements from RATH are designed to:

  • Ensure compliance with the most stringent exhaust emissions regulations (e.g. EU-IED, EU-WID).
  • Enhance system effectiveness /durability by protecting downstream equipment (e.g. HX, turbines).
  • Enable recovery of valuable process waste materials entrained in the exhaust stream (e.g. catalysts)
Flexibility in Three Dimensions – DeDust / DeSOx / DeNOx

FILTRATH® – DeDust : Control of Dust/Particulate Matter (PM)

Built into an emission control system and used in conjunction with a reverse pulse air cleaning system, FILTRATH® filter elements are highly-effective in controlling emissions of PM (< 2mg/Nm3) for hot gas temperatures applications in the range 250-1,000°C (i.e. well above the maximum operating range for fabric filter media and well below the achievable emissions levels for non-barrier filters).

FILTRATH® – DeSOx, DeDust: Control of Acid Gases (SO2, HCl, HF) & PM

Used in conjunction with dry sorbent injection (DRI) (e.g. sodium bicarbonate, hydrated lime) FILTRATH® elements from RATH enable highly-effective (>98%) control of acid gas components (e.g. SO2, HCL, HF) as well as PM.  Alternatively, used with upstream injection of powdered activated carbon (PAC), FILTRATH® CF elements are also highly-effective in controlling emissions  of mercury.

FILTRATH®CAT – DeNOx, DeDust : Control Oxides of Nitrogen (NO, NO2) & PM

Performance can be further enhanced with the introduction of a SCR-coated filter element, FILTRATH®CAT. When used in conjunction with upstream injection of an ammonia-based reductant (e.g. aqueous ammonia, urea) FILTRATH® CAT enables highly-effective (>95%) control of NOx emissions as well as PM for temperatures up to 420°C.    Operating above the DeNovo synthesis  temperature also means FILTRATH®CAT elements are highly-effective  in the control of emissions of dioxins and furans (PCDD/F)

More than 125 years of experience in refractory technology, continuous research and development as well as quality assurance guarantee quality filter elements.

FILTRATH® filter elements make the difference:

  • Highest quality of refractory raw materials used in our own production
  • Hazard-free dust removal technology and product recovery through the use of fire-resistant filter elements
  • High uniformity in the differential pressure distribution
  • Very good cleaning properties
  • High tensile strength and corrosion resistance
  • Long service life
  • Non-hazardous through the use of AES wool

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