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- Model BM-0002-1B - Binding Additives for XRF-Analysis 20g Powder



Here a general survey of the application of the FLUXANA binders in the XRF: BOREOX, a direct replacement. This is a harmless organic material which shows excellent binding properties and high stability under x-rays. It is particularly good when used as a backing material. CEREOX can be used alternatively, CEREOX is comprised of a wax, previously known as Hoechstwax. This material is clean and very stable under x-rays. Mixed with a sample (1 part wax to 4 parts sample) CEREOX forms a perfect pellet with any material.

CELLEOX is a cellulose based binder. The binding properties are not so good as BOREOX and CEREOX. Therefore it is mostly used as grinding aid. A particular property is the adsorption of liquids so it can be used, mixed with aggressive liquids, for analysis in a sample cup.

MULTIMIX is a grinding aid which is harder than CELLEOX and especially good for hard sample materials such as cement or sand. Typically, 2 to 3 0.25 gram tablets would be added to 30 gram of sample in the mill.

Sample and binder must be mixed homogeneously. FLUXANA recommends their automatic mixer MU-K-Mixer.

CEREOX Licowax C Micropowder (old name: Hoechstwax) Wax binder for xrf 20kg powder


  • Packing: bag
  • Content: 20kg
  • Weight: 20.00kg

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