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- Automated Data Analysis Plotting Toolset (ADAPT)



The Xact® 625i continuously generates large amounts of high quality metals data.  Offline analysis of such datasets can be time and resource intensive process for the environmental agencies.  Cooper Environmental is offering a hardware-software package, Automated Data Analysis Plotting Toolset (ADAPT), to manage and analyze Xact® 625i measured metals in real-time through a number of relevant graphical tools.

The ADAPT package includes the hardware for on-site meteorological measurement and an intuitive software which is accessed through Xact 625i itself, or remotely by accessing the on-board computer. The software platform generates multiple research-quality graphical reports to deliver unique insight on the temporal and variability trends of the metals. This intuitive toolset will allow the Xact users to make data-driven decisions towards efficiently managing metal emissions.

ADAPT produces a variety of graphics to examine Xact-measured metals dataset collected over time and displays them through an intuitive user interface on the instrument.   These plots allow the user to examine the metals contribution to each sample in addition to the concentration trends over time.   The graphics are designed to track the high metals concentration events and capture the variability resulting from source emission patterns.  Examination of metals in conjunction with on-site meteorological measurements enables ADAPT to provide improved directionality estimation of metal sources impacting the monitoring site.  These report process the large quantity of metals datasets and save user’s time and resources towards reaching their air quality objectives.

  • Intuitive user interface displayed on Xact 625i
  • Hourly metals composition efficiently displayed
  • Temporal data analysis to reveal peak concentration events
  • Daily and time-of-day distributions to capture variability
  • Correlation examination for identify co-varying metals emissions
  • Automated integration of on-site meteorology for gauging source directionality
  • Download reports in PDF format

  • Graphical reports accessible in near real-time
  • Results displayed with numerous journal-quality graphics
  • Cost effective resource for monitoring the efficacy of the control strategies
  • Drastically reduces data processing time
  • Designed by air quality researchers with over 50 years combined experience
  • Beneficial for air quality managers and environmental agencies

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