- Filming Polyamines for Boiler Water and Steam Treatment



Kurita´s broad range of filming amines for boiler water, steam and closed systems. Cetamine is an innovative and comprehensive technology based on filming polyamines for boiler water and steam treatment. It prevents scale and corrosion in feed water tanks, boilers, steam and condensate systems.


The treatment is based on the combination of several actions:

  • Formation of a mono-molecular film, adsorbed on metal surfaces all over the system; this polyamine film constitutes a continuous barrier between water and metal, cutting out corrosion without affecting the heat transfer
  • Dispersion of scale-forming salts
  • pH control by means of neutralizing amines

Cetamine V217K:

  • Especially designed for production processes which have to comply with kosher rules

The main benefits of Cetamine are:

  • Very small increase of the salinity within the boiler
  • Water cost reduction by reducing blow down
  • Slowly loosens and lifts existing scale
  • Lower energy consumption thanks to an optimal heat transfer
  • Increase of efficiency and reliability
  • Simple dosing, by dosing an unique product
  • Dosing according to the quantity of make-up water leads to less product consumption
  • FDA compliance of Cetamine products, specific for Food and Pharmaceutical industry

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