- Chain Bar Screen



Chain type vertical bar screen is used to roughly separate the sewage and to move and lift the solid waste according to the plan and design of civil works. It is assembled on a reinforced concrete channel and attached by special fixings; the sewage flows through the grid bars, which hold back the solids and lets the water through the channel. The cleaning operation is done by combs positioned on a chain, which removes the solid waste and discharges it at the desidered location.


The arched grid, with spacing from 15 to 40 mm, is positioned inside a reinforced concrete channel. The water flows through the grid at right angles to the bars. The solid material in the water is deposited on the grid, while the water, without the solids, continues to flow down in the channel.

The cleaning operation is done by cleaning combs, which, slowly rotating, pass through the slits, remove the material from the grids and deposit it in a tank positioned at the front.

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