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Challenger manufacture a wide range of Baling machinery and a large proportion of which is for repacking otherwise loose products such as chopped straw, chopped hay, haylage, woodchips, woodshavings, etc. to be used in the animal bedding and animal feed industry.


Balers specifically designed to produce bales suitable for the Pet Trade can be provided in two basic design formats; volumetric or mass measured.

Volumetric Balers have a large built in holding hopper where the raw material is contained and the Baler takes a proportion of it to make the bale. However, with this type of machine, the bale weight and density will vary somewhat.

Mass Measured Balers have a weigh hopper where the raw material is fed into and once the predetermined mass is reached the feed mechanism stops for a short period whilst the weighed product is delivered into the Baler. This gives much more accurate control over the bale weight and density over those manufactured in a Volumetric Baler.

Bale dimensions can be provided to suit the application but typically, 0.5, 1, 2 and 4 kg bales are the standard weights with a vast array of different bale dimensions to suit the end customer.

Production outputs can also be provided to suit the customer and machines can be manufactured to produce at rates from as little as 60 bales per hour up to 600 bales or more per hour.

These Balers can be supplied with a bale chute where a person places the bag on it or they can be supplied with a form, fill and seal bale packaging machine where a roll of polythene is automatically wrapped around the bale chute and automatically sealed along its length and at the ends. In this instance, carry handles cut-outs can be added as well.

Scissor lifts, stretch wrappers, robot palletisation, hooding, pallet dispensing, pallet conveyors and pallet wrapping can also be added to the line should the capital budget allow.

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